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Zynga acquires OMGPop, makers of DrawSomething for $200+ million

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  • pinit preview none Zynga acquires OMGPop, makers of DrawSomething for $200+ million

  • pinit preview none Zynga acquires OMGPop, makers of DrawSomething for $200+ million

DrawSomething, by now everyone would have probably heard or played the game on their smartphone unless you’ve been living in a cave or a remote island without internet connection that is. We’ve previously posted some stats on their sudden rise to fame within 5 weeks of the launch with a mind blowing 20 million downloads beating popular apps such as Instagram and Foursquare.

DrawSomething 540x330 Zynga acquires OMGPop, makers of DrawSomething for $200+ million

The people at OMGPOP must be grinning ear to ear as they rake in almost $250k daily, they’ve earned more in that 5 weeks compared to the whole of last year. You would think that would be enough to keep anyone satisfied right ? Apparently not because Peter Kafka at AllThingsD reported that Zynga, one of the biggest and most popular online gaming provider for Facebook has just acquired DrawSomething at the handsome sum of $180 million plus $30 million in employee retention payments.

OMGPOP brings to Zynga an incredible team of industry veterans and a community of highly engaged players. It’s a great industry example of creating games around the ethos of giving people a place to play, meet and make friends. OMGPOP’s existing mobile and platform games will not change. We fully support what they’ve built to date, and we’re going to work hard to give Draw Something and all of their games the resources and tools they need to grow and flourish.
Dan Porter has built an amazing team and culture at OMGPop, and I can’t wait to see what that team builds next. We think we can amplify their efforts, and we’re going to work together to make sure that more players love more of their games, both in the current stable of titles, and new IP we’ll see in the future.

Zynga also acquired Newtoy, the company that was responsible for WordsWithFriends two year ago for $53 million. Looks like there’ll be no stopping Zynga’s domination as a Facebook games powerhouse and any startup that comes anywhere close gets assimilated. Great news for budding game developers and entrepreneurs I guess . So who will be the next one to come up with the next big thing, you might just be the next millionair icon wink Zynga acquires OMGPop, makers of DrawSomething for $200+ million

[via AllThingsD]


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