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Snapdragon S4, coolest kid on the block

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  • pinit preview none Snapdragon S4, coolest kid on the block

  • pinit preview none Snapdragon S4, coolest kid on the block

There is currently one issue with most high end smartphones out there which is heat. They tend to get heated up when you use them for viewing HD videos, games or anything that’s processor intensive. Despite the all the rage about quad-core processors, Qualcomm is confident that their dual core Snapdragon S4 will be able to outperform most quad-core phones out there in day to day usage and on top of that it runs a whole lot cooler.

We’ve seen smartphone manufactures use thermal heat imaging to show which phone is the hottest. Thankfully Qualcomm went a different route and came up with the melting butter test. They placed a Snapdragon S4 device next to other competing smartphones with a block of butter on top of them. Let’s see which one is the coolest icon wink Snapdragon S4, coolest kid on the block

Now that certainly was an interesting test. A cooler device also leads to better efficiency in the battery department. It’s no wonder why some of these smartphones running the Snapdragon S4 can boast such awesome battery life.

[via HTC Source]

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