Samsung Galaxy Note Game Compatibility List – Updated 01/08/12

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  • pinit preview none Samsung Galaxy Note Game Compatibility List   Updated 01/08/12

  • pinit preview none Samsung Galaxy Note Game Compatibility List   Updated 01/08/12

samsung galaxy note Samsung Galaxy Note Game Compatibility List   Updated 01/08/12

Last update 01/08/2012

  • Final Fantasy 3
  • Dead Trigger

Last update 17/06/2012

  • Max Payne
  • GT Racing : Motor Academy Free+
  • Demoliton Inc HD
  • Danmaku Initiate

Last update 21/04/2012

  • Death Rally
  • Football Manager Handheld 2012

Last update 04/04/2012

Last update 19/03/2012

  • Order & Chaos
  • Fifa 12
  • Sprinkle
  • Osmos
  • Real Football 2012

Last update 12/03/2012

  • Deadspace – thanks Gregory

Last update 19/01/2012

  • Backstab
  • 9mm
  • Modern Combat 3
  • Shadowgun

Last update 20/12/2011

  • Grand Theft Auto III(working perfectly) – thanks Doudoudu14

Note : Some games developed for different chipsets (e.g. NVIDIA Tegra) can be run on the Note with the help of the Chainfire3D intermediary OpenGL driver. You will need the correct Chainfire3D plugin in order to run the game; if you don’t have the plugin already you will need to download a plugin and then install it.

Looks like not all games are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note as new owners are slowly finding out the hard way. Here’s a list of games for the Samsung Galaxy Note. Have you come across any that is having problems with your Samsung Galaxy Note ?

HD Games

Working perfectly

3D Bio Ball HD
3D Bio Ball HD Free FREE
9mm ★ PICK
Aftermath XHD
Age of Zombies
AirAttack HD ★ PICK
Angry Birds FREE
Angry Birds Rio FREE
Angry Birds Seasons FREE
Angry Birds Space FREE

Apparatus ★ PICK
Apparatus LITE FREE
Asphalt 6 HD [Market: Samsung AppsFREE
Backstab HD
Bejeweled 2

Big Time Gangsta FREE
Bonecruncher Soccer
Brother In Arms 2
Captain America
Cut the Rope
Danmaku Initiate
Deadspace $0.49 PROMO ★ PICK
Death Rally FREE ★ PICK
Dead Trigger FREE ★ PICK

Demolition Inc HD ★ PICK
Destroy Gunners SP
Drift Mania Championship
Drift Mania Championship Lite FREE
Duke Nukem 3D
Final Fantasy 3 ★ PICK

Flick Golf
Football Manager ★ PICK
Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja Free FREE
Galaxy Wars Tower Defense
Galaxy Wars Tower Defense Free FREE
Grand Theft Auto III
Grave Defense HD
GRave Defense HD Free FREE
Ground Effect Pro XHD
GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ FREE
Gun Bros Multiplayer
GunStrike FREE
Helix HD Full
Hyperlight HD ★ PICK
Jimmy Pataya FREE
Juggle! XHD
Lame Castle
Lame Castle Free FREE
Mad O Ball 3D Zero HD
Max Payne ★ PICK
Minecraft – Pocket Edition ★ PICK
Minecraft – Pocket Ed. Demo FREE
Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
Muffin Knight
Muffin Knight FREE FREE
My Country FREE
NFL Rivals
Order & Chaos ★ PICK

osu!droid FREE
PES 2011
PES 2012
Pew Pew 2
Pool Bar HD
Princess Punt FREE
Radiant HD
Raging Thunder 2
Raging Thunder 2 Lite FREE
Reckless Getaway

Reckless Racing
Reckless Racing Lite FREE
Riptide GP
Roll in the Hole
Rugby Nations 11
Samurai II Vengeance
Slice It! [Market: Samsung AppsFREE
Spectral Souls (ENG)
Spectral Souls (JP)
Spirit XHD
Super Stickman Golf FREE
Temple Run FREE

The Dark Knight ★ PICK
TileStorm XHD

ToonWarz – LITE FREE
Trial Xtreme 2
Trial Xtreme 2 Free FREE
Tux Rider – Android Edition FREE
Walkabout Lite FREE
Wind-up Knight FREE ★ PICK
World of Goo  FREE ★ PICK

ZDefense: Tower Defense
ZDefense HD Lite FREE
Zynga Poker FREE

Games requiring Chainfire3D
Arma II: Firing Range THD [Plugin: NVIDIA]
Backbreaker 2: Vengeance [Plugin: POWERVR]
Fruit Ninja THD [Plugin: NVIDIA]
Fruit Ninja THD Free [Plugin: NVIDIA] FREE
Galaxy on Fire 2 THD [Plugin: NVIDIA] ★ PICK
Guerrilla Bob THD [Plugin: NVIDIA]
Guerrilla Bob THD LITE [Plugin: NVIDIA] FREE
Hockey Nations 2011 THD [Plugin: NVIDIA]
Hockey Nations 2011 THD Demo [Plugin: NVIDIA] FREE
Jenga [Plugin: NVIDIA]
Madden NFL 12 [Plugin: NVIDIA]
MEGASTUNT Mayhem Pro [Plugin: NVIDIA]
Samurai II Vengeance THD [Plugin: NVIDIA] ★ PICK
X-Plane 9 [Plugin: NVIDIA]

Working but with a few minor issues

Cricket WorldCup Fever FREE
 (Has some minor artifacts around text in menus)

Games requiring Chainfire3D
Backbreaker THD [Plugin: NVIDIA] (Player textures not rendered properly)
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit [Plugin: NVIDIA] (Background of loading screen does not fill the full-screen)


Working but with major issues

Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave FREE
 (Bottom of the screen is cut-off making it difficult to control)

Games requiring Chainfire3D
My First TRAINZ Set [Plugin: NVIDIA] (Some engines are not visible, inside cab view is black for some engines)
Pinball HD for Tegra [Plugin: NVIDIA] (Menu items not visible)

SD Games

Working perfectly


Emulators and Enhancements


Ataroid (Atari-2600 emulator) [Market: SlideMeFREE
FPse (PSX/PS1 emulator)
GameBoid (GameBoy Advance emulator) [Market: SlideMeFREE
GBCoid (GameBoy Colour emulator) [Market: SlideMeFREE
Gearoid (SEGA Master System/Game Gear emulator) [Market: SlideMeFREE
Gensoid (SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive emulator) [Market: SlideMeFREE
N64oid (Nintendo 64 emulator) [Market: SlideMe★ PICK
Nesoid (NES/Famicom emulator) [Market: SlideMeFREE
SNesoid (Super Nintendo emulator) [Market: SlideMeFREE

Nintendo 64 high-resolution texture packs (HRTPs)

Requires N64oid [Market: SlideMe]. To install unzip the pack and place the folder in /.n64oid/hires_texture/. You will also need to enable external textures in the N64oid engine settings screen.

Castlevania 2: Legacy of Darkness HRTP [422 MB]
Duke Nukem 64 HRTP [130 MB]
Shadow Man HRTP [206 MB]
Spiderman 64 HRTP [6.56 MB]
Starfox 64 HRTP [24.4 MB]
Super Smash Bros. HRTP [51.9 MB]
Super Mario 64 HRTP [66.9 MB] (Hi-res version of the original) ★ PICK
Super Mario 64 HRTP [10.9 MB] (Realistic sort of style)
The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask HRTP [53.1 MB]
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time HRTP [101 MB] ★ PICK

Non-working games

HISTORY Great Battles Medieval [Plugin: NVIDIA] (Runs but unplayably slow)
Icebreaker Hockey
Monster Madness: Grave Danger [Plugin: NVIDIA] (Won’t start)
The Adventures of Tintin HD (Displays very-low-res 2D version)
Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO) [Plugin: NVIDIA] FREE

Gameloft games

  • All of the Gameloft games so far from the Android Market give the message “Your device is not supported” when you attempt to run them on the Note.
  • It’s recommend to not purchase any Gameloft games directly from the Android Market at the moment. Instead visit the Gameloft site and purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note version of the game

Thanks to joeearl13 for the original game list which was last updated 13th November 2011.

Looking for a unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note ? Get it now Samsung Galaxy Note Game Compatibility List   Updated 01/08/12
[via XDA Developers]

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  • Oskortos

    Bro, any idea on Air Attack HD?

    • Yogaretnam

      Yes, based on feedback from others Air Attack HD shouldn’t have any problems. Have updated the list.

  • jonskee

    generally, how long does galaxy note’s battery last on android games and emulators you mentioned?

    • Yogaretnam

      Mileage on the battery performance may vary but based on tests performed the Note lasts roughly 7-8 hours (continuous video playback) which is pretty impressive

      • jonskee

        That’s good news then. There are reviews coming out now that SG Note has good battery life rating on video and calls, but not on browsing. Are you experiencing the same? Is the battery drain on browsing really that bad? The site I read ( i think) tested it and that it only lasts around 3.5 for a full charge on browsing.

        • Yogaretnam

          I’ve read the review by gsmarena and find it rather interesting but unfortunately have not had a chance to test browsing on the Galaxy Note for that long. Here’s a friend’s feedback on typical battery life based on everyday usage. Do take note that his hours of browsing was throughout the day and not continuous.

          “It can easily last me 12-14 hours : average 2+ hours browsing, every 30 mins email download 3 email accounts, RSS, Tweeter, Newsfeed ( Greader, Newsroom) every 30 mins, weather update every 4 hours, few calls and about 10 SMS, no gaming . My 3G is always on 24/7 and most of data usage mainly on 3G unless I happen to be in WiFi area. Such usage the most I could get on SGS II was 8-9 hours”

          • One

            The browser has a white background that eats a lot of battery on Amoled screens…. If you use Opera Mobile and configure it to black background and white text, you can seriously improve battery life…

          • One

            PS. I’m getting ~17-18h of usage with about 5 hours of screen time (games, drawing in SMemo and browsing with the stock browser), about 2.5 hours of calls. That’s pretty good.

          • Yogaretnam

            Wow. Thanks for the tip. That’s seriously awesome battery life. Practically the whole day out until you get home to recharge it.

  • Doudoudu14

    gta3 works

    • Yogaretnam

      Thanks for the input. Will update the list

  • Vishalfase

    spidr man isnt wrkng.. no full screen…

    • yoga

      Have you got the latest version installed ? I think it’s v3.0.6.

    • Yogaretnam

      Do you have the latest version (3.0.6) installed ?

  • Sarmad ALee

    gr8 work dude!!!

  • Zurcaledrj11

    any update?

  • Zurcaledrj11

    android games are not so good compare to iphone, i can’t enjoy my samsung galaxy note and unable to maximize screen and specs capabilities due to limited apps and games. sucks!

    • Yogaretnam

      Most of the top games from iPhone are also available on the Android but yes I got to agree not all Android games utilise the screen space available. Just look for HD games and you’ll be fine.

  • Soldier

    Does any version work? or is there a specific version for each game?

    • yoga

      for certain games there are specific HD versions which make use of the higher resolution. The games here are already linked to the market.

  • hao

    can tap sonic be play on galaxy note?

    • Yogaretnam

      At the moment Tap Sonic is not supported on the Galaxy Note

  • G Loader69

    How about fifa 12 ? dose it work on the note ?

    • Yogaretnam

      Yes some users have gotten Fifa 12 working on the Note. For those that don’t see it on the Market rooted their device and ran MarketEnabler which allows them to fake their phone operator.

      • Rameshcc313

        Hi downloaded the apk of fifa 12 and installed in my note but i get error every time. any suggestion Plz.

        • Yogaretnam

          Hi sorry for the late reply have you try downloading the APK again from the Play store ? I think they have an updated file for the Note

  • Gregoryaoneill

    modern combat 3 does not work on my galaxy note

    • Yogaretnam

      Does it not load at all ? It works perfectly fine on mine though I’ve not really ventured much into the game, just about 3-4 checkpoints

      • Gregoryaoneill

        it wont let me download it from the browser or the app marketplace.

        • Gregoryaoneill

          i got my note when it came out on the 19th, i dont know how to do much yet but im getting better.  it doesnt have mc3 in the market but it has an ad for a 49c deal, but when i click it mc3 isnt in the list.

          • Yogaretnam

            Where are you from ? Have you gotten your Note rooted ? I’m from Malaysia and more often than not some apps doesn’t appear in our region so in this case I use an app called MarketEnabler that allows me to set my location to say US so I get to view/purchase/download it. You’ll have to be rooted for this to work though.


          • Gregoryaoneill

            Thank you. Yeah im currently trying to root my phone. Im in the u.s. And im having trouble finding how to root. My kernel version isn’t listed anywhere to select for cwr

          • Yogaretnam

            Have you managed to get your issues resolved ie root etc ?

  • Gregoryaoneill

    dead space works great, didnt see it on your list yet.

    • yoga

      Thanks for the update. Just purchased the app as well. It’s excellent :)

  • Somvirsingh786

    brother in arms 2 also working from google play.. its avialable free there//

    • Yogaretnam

      Thanks for that. Will update the list shortly.

  • who cares

    If you are going to copy via cut & paste information in a thread from XDA-Developers at least give credit to the author.. you know, ther person who WORKED to put this information together

    • Yogaretnam

      We’ve already previously given the link to XDA so everyone can check the original thread and we have since kept the list updated since the list in XDA was last updated on 13th Nov 2011.

  • Rachid

    thank you so mutch

    • yoga

      most welcome

  • patrick Jay morales

    Hey man how to root my samsung galaxy note.I want to play those HD games!! PLease..Make a tutorial!!!

    • Yogaretnam

      Are you using the international version of Galaxy Note ?

  • amirulhasim

    i had install the GTA3 and it works on gingerbread..But once i updated with ICS (not rooted) it failed to run the GTA3 and my note hang for a u have any solution?

    • Yogaretnam

      ive tried it on my note with ics as well and had problems running it.Will try installing it on Galaxy Nexus and see if it works.

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