Play Tegra 2 Games On Non-Tegra Devices With Chainfire3D

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  • pinit preview none Play Tegra 2 Games On Non Tegra Devices With Chainfire3D

  • pinit preview none Play Tegra 2 Games On Non Tegra Devices With Chainfire3D

Updated 03/11/2011

  • Chainfire3D updated to 3.3, details here

Updated 18/07/2011

  • Chainfire3D updated to 2.8, details here

This is great news for all those that have been planning to sell off their Android device to buy a shiny new Tegra 2 powered one, especially if it’s for the new gaming titles exclusively available for Tegra 2 devices. Chainfire 3D installs a plugin that enables your GPU to run those specific commands. More details on Chainfire 3D after the installation guide.

  1. Download the free version of ChainFire3D from Market (got some bugs with the cracked pro one, so for the time being, use the free one to test).
  2. Install the app, install the driver in the app, and reboot.
  3. Download the 3 plugins for TEGRA, QUALCOMM and POWERVR drivers from
  4. Place them in the root of your Internal Storage/SD Card
  5. In the app, press install plugin and wait to find them (2-5 min), then install all 3 of them
  6. In Default OpenGL settings, select use Plugin and use nVidia to do a test.
chainfire 1 Play Tegra 2 Games On Non Tegra Devices With Chainfire3D

Chainfire 3D screen

chainfire 2 Play Tegra 2 Games On Non Tegra Devices With Chainfire3D

Chainfire 3D OpenGL settings

chainfire 3 Play Tegra 2 Games On Non Tegra Devices With Chainfire3D

Chainfire 3D plugins

  • If the game requires too much RAM, be sure to tick the “Reduce texture quality” in the app (it will half the ram needed), it will have almost no impact on the visuals in game.
  • This has been tested so far on the below listed devices and reported to work 100%. You are free to test and report even you’re not in the list, it may work on any 2.1+ device.


Guerrilla Bob thd
Samurai II
friut ninja thd

Bruce Lee


Samurai II
Guerrilla bob thd
fruit ninja thd

HTC Desire : Oxygen 2.1.3

Samurai 2

HTC DESIRE HD : Leedroid HD 3.0.3 Kernel 3.1.2

fruit ninja thd
Guerrilla bob thd
Samurai II: Vengeance: some issue with existing workaround ingame perfect, but resuming a prevoious game results in black background – workaround switching to homescreen and back main menu gets corrupted after you were once ingame

HTC Desire HD : TB Fusion 1.1.3 Kernel LeeDroid 3.1.2

Samurai II: Vengeance: may need to reinstal apk to fix any bugs

HTC DESIRE HD : Rcmix Kingdom 3.0 sense kernle leedroid 3.1.2 smartass 1.8 ghz

Fruit ninja thd
Raptide 3D (drivers of personal watercraft have texture issues)
Guerilla Bob Thd
Pinball Thd
Samurai II = problems with menu and with game after resume it.


Samurai II : Vengeance
Riptide GP

Pinball THD
Guerrilla Bob THD
Backbreakers THD


TEGRA (seem to run better using the Unroll option)
Samurai II : Vengeance
Pinball THD

Bruce Lee – some texture issues, but not major. Same everywhere. Think it in game issue.

GALAXY S VIBRANT (T959) : Android 2.2.1 / Simple Galaxy 2.8 + overClock 1.5.4

samurai II,
pinball HD

GALAXY S II I9100 : Stock rooted KE7, stock cpu speed.

Samurai II: Vengeance THD – Hide CF3D ID

SGS2(galaxy s 2) : VR1.0 KE2 Rooted

Fruit ninja thd
pinball thd

GALAXY S2 : Build*”KE2″

Pinball thd
Samurai II: vengeance*- Runs fine (however you cannot access the combo menu)

SONY ERRICSON : X10i 2.2.1 rooted

Samurai II with the inability to access combo men
Guerrilla Bob thd
Samurai II
Fruit Ninja thd

Motorola Defy : MIUI 1.5.20 ROM 1.2GH

Samurai II : Vengeance: (you cannot access the combo menu)
Fruit Ninja THD: (apple has white color)
BackBreaker THD: (Character is not moving properly)
Riptide GP
Pinball HD
Guerrilla Bob THD: works fine but with little laag

X10 : 2.2

Guerrilla Bob thd
Samauri II
Fruit Ninja (Apple colour is white)
Backbreaker (Character is not moving properly)

GALAXY S 2 : VillianROM 1.0


Samurai II Vengance

MOTOROLA DEFY : 2.3.4 cm7 800mhz

Samurai Vengaence 2
Guerilla bob THD – disable light blur for better gaming

HTC HD2 : 2.3.4 typhoon

Fruit ninja thd
Pinball Thd
Samurai II


*Fruit Ninja
*Pinball HD
*Guerilla Bob**- WORKING (you can disable post effects in settings.
*Trainz**- WORKING But yep, it’s pretty SLOW

via (xda)

Here are some screenshots of Samurai II on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. It’s definitely awesome !!

samurai 1 Play Tegra 2 Games On Non Tegra Devices With Chainfire3D

Samurai II : Vengence now on Galaxy Tab

samurai 2 Play Tegra 2 Games On Non Tegra Devices With Chainfire3D

Samurai II : Vengence - no major hiccups so far

Chainfire3D is an intermediary OpenGL driver. What does that mean? It means that Chainfire3D sits between your apps and the graphics drivers, and can intercept and/or change commands between the two. It has some built-in functions, and can be further extended with plugins to provide extra functionality.


  • CF3D OpenGL driver
  • NightMode (inspired by Jeff Sharkey, more info here)
    • Handy shortcut to toggle on/off
    • Supports red, green, blue, amber and salmon modes
  • Global OpenGL manipulation
  • Reduce texture size
  • Reduce texture quality
  • Unroll textures
  • Load plugins
  • (Pro) Disable Chainfire3D detection
  • (Pro) OpenGL manipulation on a per-app bases
  • (Pro) Fix market settings

A bit more detail about some features

NightMode reduces the number of colors on your screen, which on OLED screens saves a lot of battery. The various modes (especially red) are also great in low-light conditions, as they have less effect on your night-vision than a full-color screen

Generic note about textures
The features below are only used if a texture format is supported. Natively Chainfire3D only supports raw textures, but these can be extended through plugins.

Reduce texture size
This essentially cuts (supported) textures’ resolution in half, which usually reduces memory use (4x) and improves performance, at the cost of slightly reducing texture quality. This is not compatible with all apps! For many 3D apps, this works, as the GPU stretches the graphics, but it does not work for many 2D apps.

Reduce texture quality
This converts 32-bit textures to 16-bit textures, reducing memory use (2x). This will lower texture quality, but for many games the difference isn’t even visible. Whether this is actually faster or slower depends on your hardware.

Unroll textures
Converts non-32-bit textures to 32-bit. This should not influence texture quality, but it does use more memory. On some hardware this is faster than using 16-bit textures.

Disable Chainfire3D detection
For compatibility reasons, Chainfire3D announces to applications that it is being used. Using this feature you can turn that off.

Fix market settings
Plugins may add support for various features not normally supported by your hardware. Market, however, only reports the functionality your hardware provides. Using this feature, Chainfire3D will adjust Market so it also shows apps that require the features provided by the plugins. This is not useful without the plugins smile Play Tegra 2 Games On Non Tegra Devices With Chainfire3D

Plugins / API
At the moment, the Plugin API is rather limited, but it does allow for some rather interesting plugins like Tegra2 / PowerVR / ATI texture emulation (see the API docs a post below). The idea is to further improve Chainfire3D so Plugins can manipulate the entire OpenGL data stream.

Pro version
As outlined above, the Pro version adds a little bit of functionality. Purchasing it will support my efforts.

Pro version – warez
Chainfire3D Pro is available from some warez sites, if you feel like ripping me off  smile Play Tegra 2 Games On Non Tegra Devices With Chainfire3D However I should warn you that none of those versions actually work as the real Pro version does.


  • OpenGL ES 2.0 (every 1ghz+ phone has this)
  • SuperUser / Root
  • Writable /system (it will try to remount system as read/write when needed, but the changes need to stick between reboots)
  • S-OFF ?
  • Having root access from recovery is a big plus to solve problems if you run into them (run “/system/lib/” as root to remove the driver and restore the old one)


Market link (mobile): market://details?id=eu.chainfire.cf3d

Market link (desktop):

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  • Ayush

    can anyone help me plz….i am dying to play gud games like 9mm
    ,backstab,etc etc..on my samsung galaxy note but m nt able to play them
    so i followed ur instructions n installed CHAINFIRE 3D n downloaded all
    the 3 plugins…but whn i try to run ths chainfire 3d it says “could not
    acquire SuperUser access!Is your device rooted?If you are rooted but
    this message persists,reboot your device!”after ths it throws me out in
    my menu…n have restarted my phone n tried to run ths app 1000
    times…bt it always throw me out in my menu……..plz help me….

    • Yogaretnam

      Have you rooted your Galaxy Note ? You’ll need to root it and allow Superuser to give root access to Chainfire 3d in order to get it working.

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