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iPad Mini Models Pricing Supposedly Leaked

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  • pinit preview none iPad Mini Models Pricing Supposedly Leaked

  • pinit preview none iPad Mini Models Pricing Supposedly Leaked


iPad mini5 446x339 iPad Mini Models Pricing Supposedly Leaked

Today’s news is brought to you all the way from Germany. Apparently, Media Market/Saturn, a retail group that operates in 18 European and Asian Market has a screen capture showing eight different iPad mini configuration.

ipad mini 590x365 540x334 iPad Mini Models Pricing Supposedly Leaked

This is just speculation at the moment and we’ll only know for certain once

Apple introduces the product. How will the iPad mini fare against the likes of other 7 inch tablets ? The 16GB Nexus 7 costs RM 999 in Malaysia and compared to the iPad mini, that’s a premium of an extra +/- RM 400. Despite that, the iPad mini will certainly find its way to many homes as many iPad owners have been wanting a smaller size iPad for a while now. We can’t wait to see what other features the iPad mini introduces.

Below is the reported pricing for the iPad Mini:

  • iPad mini (Wi-Fi, 8GB, Black/White)- €249(estimated RM986)
  • iPad mini (Wi-Fi, 16GB, Black/White)-  €349 (estimated RM1382)
  • iPad mini (Wi-Fi, 32GB, Black/White)- €449 (estimated RM1778)
  • iPad mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB, Black/White)- €549 (estimated RM2174)
  • iPad mini (Cellular, 8GB, Black/White)- €349 (estimated RM1382)
  • iPad mini (Cellular, 16GB, Black/White)- €449 (estimated RM1778)
  • iPad mini (Cellular, 32GB, Black/White)- €549 (estimated RM2174)
  • iPad mini (Cellular, 64GB, Black/White)- €649 (estimated RM2569)

[via MobileGeeks and MalaysianWireless]

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