HTC HD2 gets official CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) Ice Cream Sandwich release – Updated 23/02/2012

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  • pinit preview none HTC HD2 gets official CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) Ice Cream Sandwich release   Updated 23/02/2012

  • pinit preview none HTC HD2 gets official CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) Ice Cream Sandwich release   Updated 23/02/2012

Updated 23/02/12 - v 1.4 released

Updated 08/02/12 - v 1.3 released

Updated 29/01/12 – v 1.2 released

It’s out !! CM9 is finally out and it’s available for the HTC HD2. Looks like tytung and the team has managed to get almost all the bugs fixed and it’s now more than ready to be used as a daily driver. Kudos to the team for the great work and once again the HD2 proves its capabilities !!


  • All Android 4.0.3 features (Multi-Languages)
  • CM9 WIP – available features are as follows:
    • Enhanced Power Menu w/ Reboot and Screenshot options, etc.
    • Power Notification Widget
    • Trebucket Launcher
    • T9 Dialer
    • Keep app back button in Developer options
  • Root, busybox, zipalign, init.d scripts, etc.
  • AdFree hosts file
  • HSDPA icon
  • Facebook contact sync
  • Unicode support for SMS/MMS
  • Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi


Please read the NexusHD2-ICS-CM9 Q&A document to see if any questions you might have has already been answered.


  • Please use at least 200MB system partition and at least 2MB cache partition.
    • Please refer to ksubedi’s HD2 NAND Toolkit and/or mskip’s guide.
    • Cache partition (/dev/block/mtdblock4) is only used by CWM.
    • Cache partition size is not important because the data partition (/dev/block/mtdblock5) is used as the cache space when running Android.
    • If your HD2 has bad NAND blocks, you may need larger partitions.
  • Wipe
    • Wipe Data/Factory Reset while doing a fresh install.
    • Advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache while upgrading and wanting to retain data.
  • Flash this ROM.
    • MAGLDR: Flash, then reboot.
    •   cLK  : Flash and the cLK kernel, then reboot.

Extra Downloads:

  • Enable/Disable the stock size of the virtual soft keys (i.e. the on-screen virtual button):
  • About the mobile data connection types: RMNET V.S. PPP.
    • Bootloader MAGLDR supports both RMNET and PPP. I set RMNET as default for MAGLDR ROM because stock Android only supports RMNET.
    • Bootloader cLK only supports PPP.
    • RMNET is more stable than PPP. (Some PPP users have data drop issues.) However PPP may be faster for some users.
    • Flash if you prefer PPP on MAGLDR.
  • Flash Battery Percentage Mod if required.
  • Flash ICS Softkeys Mod (smaller size of the virtual soft keys) if required.


  • Phone
  • Audio
  • SMS
  • Data: 3G/HSDPA
  • Wi-Fi (Support IEEE 802.1x/EAP authentication and Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi.)
  • Bluetooth
  • Touchscreen
  • Vibration
  • Charging
  • All sensors
  • Wired earphone/headphone
  • Data usage
  • Hardware Acceleration (Hacked)
  • Software video codecs
  • WiFi signal strength icon
  • USB Mass Storage
  • Camera (Please visit rapmv78′s thread for more info.)
  • WiFi Tethering (Native “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot” feature works well. You can also install wireless_tether_2_0_7.apk for more features.)
  • USB Tethering (Native “USB tethering” feature not works. Please install wired_tether_1_4.apk instead.)
  • Flashlight (Install TeslaLED Flashlight.)
  • FM Radio (Install Spirit FM, check settings -> audio -> qsd8250, and turn on BT before using Spirit FM.)
  • Gallery sometimes stops response due to the incomplete Hardware Acceleration. (Install QuickPic instead.)

Not Working:

  • VPN


  • V1.2 (Jan. 21, 2012)
    • Included to support Ad-Hoc WiFi network.
    • Upgraded BCM4329 firmwares (fw_bcm4329.bin and fw_bcm4329_apsta.bin) to v4.218.248.23 to fix the “black screen of death” for some users.
    • Removed acdb (Audio Configuration DB) firmwares (default_att.acdb and default_france.acdb) to fix the in-call echo for some users. (No echo in my HD2 even if these files are there.)
    • Fixed MMS blurry pics (changed UA from Passion to NexusOne).
    • Updated to the latest hosts file (January-18-2012) for blocking ads.
    • Updated to Google Maps v6.1.1.
    • Removed talkback.apk to save system space. Please install the latest version from the Market if required.
    • Removed Android Terminal Emulator (Term.apk and to save system space. Please install the latest version from the Market if required.
  • V1.1 (Jan. 15, 2012)
    • ROM is built from the new source code.
    • Enabled CRT-off animation in default.
    • Added CM FileManager.apk.
    • Fixed the IME dictionary issues in the v1 ROM by including LatinImeGoogle.apk. (I included it in AOSP beta 10, but not in CM9 v1.)
    • Updated camera libs from rapmv78 to support camcorder. (Still buggy)
    • Updated files: hosts and build.prop.
    • Updated to Google Maps v6.1.0.
    • Downgraded the BCM4329 firmware from v4.218.248.23 to v4.218.248.18 for better WiFi compatibility for some SIM card related country code issue. (The drawback is that I saw some error messages in logcat because the firmware version is mismatched with the kernel bcm4329 driver. It seems not to affect WiFi for me.)
    • Removed Google Music and included the original Music app.
    • Included new kernel tytung_ics_r1. Main changes compared to my r14 kernel are as follows.
      • fixed wired headphones for ICS. (Credits to zivan56.)
      • changed VM_MAX_READAHEAD values to 1024 kbytes.
      • backported xt_qtaguid and xt_quota2 to support data usage.
      • backported bcm4329 WiFi driver from tuna 3.x kernel. (i.e. v4.218.248.23)
      • improved the flashlight’s ICS compatibility.
      • added InteractiveX CPU governor.
      • added smartAssV2 CPU governor.
      • backported kgsl GPU driver from msm-3.0 kernel. (new in r1)
      • improved the data transfer speed of the SD card almost twice. (about 8MB/s write and 10MB/s read using a class 6 SD) (new in r1)
  • V1.0 (Jan. 9, 2012)
    • Initial release. My first CM9 ROM.


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