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How to get the $25 Google Play credit outside US for Nexus 7

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  • pinit preview none How to get the $25 Google Play credit outside US for Nexus 7

  • pinit preview none How to get the $25 Google Play credit outside US for Nexus 7

UPDATE - The free $25 credits offer will expire September 30, 2012 and is valid until June 30, 2013.

We’ve all heard about the Google Nexus 7 by now and how it comes $25 credit for you to spend on Google Play. The only problem with that is, it only works if you’re located in US.

As usual thanks to services such as VPN, those of us outside of US can now redeem the free credits as well to be used in Google Books, Google Magazines or even Google Movie.

Be warned though, you’ll need to reset your device for this method to work.

1. Factory reset your Nexus 7
2.When you get to the screen to enter Google account skip it.
3.Uncheck all the check-boxes in location setting

wpid Screenshot 2012 07 30 01 44 53 How to get the $25 Google Play credit outside US for Nexus 7

4.Now when you got to the home screen, go to settings.Under Wireless and Networks click more.
5.Click on VPN, Add VPN. Now the Nexus 7 will ask you to define security (pattern,Password,PIN), Define whatever you want.
6.Click again Add VPN, and enter this definitions:
Name: SuperFreeVPN
Server address:
and click save.

wpid Screenshot 2012 07 30 01 46 17 How to get the $25 Google Play credit outside US for Nexus 7

7.Now click on SuperFreeVPN,for username enter:free, and for password go to website and look for VPN Password.
8.Click Connect. If connected successfully you will see key icon in notifications. You’ll probably be unsuccessful at first but keep trying and you’ll eventually get connected.

wpid Screenshot 2012 07 30 01 53 57 How to get the $25 Google Play credit outside US for Nexus 7

9.Go to Settings, under Accounts click Add Account and choose Google. Enter your username and password, if everything is OK you will get to screen that will ask you to enter credit card to Google wallet. You can use your overseas credit card as long as you leave the country to United States with ZIP code 10002 and phone number (202) 9255599. You’ll receive the $25 credit in a minute or so.

wpid Screenshot 2012 07 30 01 54 57 How to get the $25 Google Play credit outside US for Nexus 7

gooleplay credit 540x670 How to get the $25 Google Play credit outside US for Nexus 7

$25 credited into your Google Play account

10.While you’re on VPN you can download Google Books, Google Magazines, Google Movies.

[via Capt. Morgan]

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Posted by yoga   @   30 July 2012 45 comments
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    I try many time,
    but I still fail :(

    • Yogaretnam

      Which part are you having trouble with ?

      • darrell

        i have an error. it says,”Error while retrieving information from server. (RPC:AEC:0) can anyone help?

  • browngeek

    Hi, any idea if you know if this works if you have already registered the N7 outside of North America?

    • browngeek

      OK, answering my own question, I did a factory reset and followed the instructions above and it worked. Thanks

      • Yogaretnam

        Glad you managed to get the free credits.

  • Geo

    hello once you claim the credit, can we change the billing address and phone number and still retain it? also should we continue running superfreevpn for the rest of the devices life to get US specific content or can we remove it later?


    • Yogaretnam

      You can change the details as soon as you receive the credit as your purchases with the free credits does not check your location or details.

      If you’re outside US and want to get US specific content, then yes you’ll need to still rely on the VPN service to do so.

      You’ll only get local content on Google Play without the VPN but you’ll still be able to use the free credits to purchase things.

      • Geo

        Thanks a Lot mate. you are a real life saver. Now I can finally get a netflix account. oh and just another doubt. do we have to keep our location settings off all the time or will the VPN override that?

        • Yogaretnam

          The VPN by right should over ride that so you can enable GPS services on your device after you get the credit. I’m able to access Google Music and Magazines with VPN and GPS on.

  • Mike

    After adding my local cc it doesn’t prompt me that I got the $25 credits. When I go to Google Play and try to buy something it tells me add a card to get $25, I try to add cc and again no free $25.

    • Yogaretnam

      You’ll need to make sure that when you key in your local CC you set the address and phone no. to US. It wouldn’t work otherwise. Also make sure you’re connected to VPN and your location services are disabled.

      • Mike

        Checked that address and phone is set to US, connected to VPN and location services are off. Tried 2 MC cards, but still no prompt that I got the free $25 credit. Oh well…

        • Yogaretnam

          There’s a lot of users using Mastercard that have reported not being able to redeem the credits as well. I personally use a Visa debit card

  • Huiggi

    “The credit card you have entered does not qualify for this promotion.”
    I tried Visa x3, MasterCard x1 and nothing.

    • Yogaretnam

      Did you set the country as
      United States with ZIP code 10002 and phone number (202) 9255599 ?

  • Sidney Ng

    I cant seem to access Google Play on VPN. It just keeps loading.

    • Yogaretnam

      Are you using superfreevpn or some other vpn ? Does it load normally without VPN ?

  • juoin

    It doesn’t seem to work with credit cards that you’ve already used for this offer before right?

    • Yogaretnam

      Yup, only works once with one credit card and Google account

  • Terehertz

    Somehow it didn’t work for me, when i key in my google username and password it tells me that the account already exists…. Any advice?

    • Terehertz

      Btw, i made sure unchecked all the boxes after skipping the google acct info screen. Also went into the “location services” under “settings” to disable everything tp be sure…

  • aing

    I managed to get the 25bucks. However, when I tried to purchase an app, the option to pay with that credit was greyed out. Any idea why? Been searching the web the past few hours only to find out I wasn’t the only one. Haven’t found any solutions though

    • Yogaretnam

      Can you try doing a purchase over the web instead ? Also are you trying to purchase an app or content that is not available in your region ? Someone did have some issue trying to buy magazines over VPN on the device. Worked perfectly fine over web.

      • aing

        I tried to purchase from the web (using desktop) but it still doesn’t work (without VPN, purchasing apps available in my region). They said they have a technical issue, did not even have the chance to pick the method of payment. I am living out of the US by the way.

      • aing

        I have actually deleted my credit card details from the google wallet, because I already have the 25 dollar google play credit. Is this why I the google play credit is greyed out?

        • Yogaretnam

          Do you currently have any credit/debit card associated with your Google account ? Not having any cards tied to Google account/wallet might cause the issues.

          Can you download free apps like normal ?

          • aing

            I currently do not have any cards associated with my google account. However, when I did still have my card associated, the option to pay with the google play credits was also greyed out.
            I tried both with and without VPN, it shows the same result.

            I can download free apps like normal.

          • Yogaretnam

            Log in to Google Wallet and go to payment methods on the left menu. It should show you the balance of the Google Play credit, if any.

          • aing

            I still have the full balance of 25 dollars in my google play balance.
            Still can’t figure out how to use it though. The option to use it is always greyed out.

          • Yogaretnam

            I’m having the same issue trying to purchase app over Google Play now but managed to purchase from browser (on phone). Will update post later with screen shots

  • Lev Leetian

    Same problem with aing. I think google has gotten wind about people using VPN outside the US to claim the credits. I was able to spend about $4 before google play suddenly gave me a message “This payment method cannot be used due to your country settings” or something

    • Yogaretnam

      I think that might be the case as I can’t seem to use the credits via Google Play as well, but I did manage purchase something over the browser (Chrome) on the phone. Will post screenshots in a bit

  • blackwek

    Hi, I followed all the instructions you gave, but for some reason I’m unable to log onto the VPN. It tells me unsuccessful everytime. I’ve tried with the superfreevpn as well as with overplay. (I’ve tried it a lot of times!) Do you have any suggestions?

    • Yogaretnam

      Which part are you having problems with ? Connecting to VPN or registering your credit card in Google wallet ?

  • Jeremy Emmanuel

    U rolls!! I got it, owe u 25 bucks :p

    • Yogaretnam

      Most welcome. Glad you manage to get the free credit

  • Jeremy Emmanuel

    but its very slow leh… cant stream movies, download big apps is a pain…. any other solution?

    • Yogaretnam

      The free VPN is kind of slow. You’ll probably need to subscribe to one if you want to use if often for content consumption

  • haha

    i cant seem to connect to supervpn.. anyone can help me?

    • Yogaretnam

      Can you try using superfreevpn over your desktop first to check and see if your internet connection allows you to connect to vpn

  • Richard

    I’m having problem when at step 9..
    i’ve skipped step 2, and uncheck all the boxes
    but when i’m trying to sign in with my existing Google account it says Account already exists
    There is already a (my gmail) account on this Android device.
    (been doing factory reset for several times..)
    any solution to this?

    • Richard

      i’ve found out that i had a credit card in my Google Wallet.. which i managed to get my $25 credit after i delete and re-enter my credit card in Google Wallet =)
      thanks a lot bro, you ROCKS!!

      • Yogaretnam

        Glad you manage to get it working and just in time to considering it’s ending soon. Enjoy your free credits

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