Energizer Night Race 2011 – runners nightmare !!

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  • pinit preview none Energizer Night Race 2011   runners nightmare !!

  • pinit preview none Energizer Night Race 2011   runners nightmare !!

It promised to be the most exciting and memorable event ever. 10,000 people running in our very own international F1 Circuit. It was such a momentous event that Malaysia Book of Records was called in to acknowledge the largest night run ever organised. Energizer you definitely made it a night to remember as what was supposed to be a great night turned out to be one of the worst runs ever !!! Let’s recap the events of the night.

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Shuttle bus service

Let’s start with the transportation arrangements. I was delighted when I heard that there were FREE shuttle service being provided, after all Sepang is not near and this was a definite plus. Unfortunately the meeting point at KL Sentral was not clearly defined and some people had no idea where to catch the bus. Some gave up waiting and decided to take the aerobus instead.

We gave up, ended up taking aerobus. Have to transfer from LCCT to SIC. Good luck, Dude!

I decided to drive there instead and boy was I shocked when I was asked RM 10 for parking fee when I arrived at the designated parking area. Strike one of many for the night. I was there at 6pm and made my way to the entrace. Once there all of us were ushered into the tunnel of death as some aptly named it. Imagine thousands of people stuffed in the tunnel that links from the main area to the pits. Why the hold up ? At the end of the tunnel there’s light !!! Yes pun intended, at the end of the long queue was the headlamp collection and to make matters worst, the collection was indoors in a small enclosed area. Seriously what on earth was going through the minds of these people who setup the table there ?! There’s abundance of space outdoors !! Oh that isn’t the worst part yet, the person in charge who was giving out headlights had the nerve to shout back and told the crowd to disperse cause it was getting stuffy. Strike 2 for Energizer.

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The crowded tunnel Pic 1

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The crowded tunnel Pic 2

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The crowded tunnel Pic 3

Thank god I’ve been to Sepang track often enough to know that there’s another link tunnel on the other side of the grand stand plus a friend Dennis was kind enough to lead us there. Despite it being dark we made it across to the pit area in record time. Since we took the other link we obviously didn’t have our headlamps. So we walked to the other end of the pit and here’s what we saw !!

DSC 88091 1024x686 Energizer Night Race 2011   runners nightmare !!

Free for all headlamps


DSC 8821 1024x686 Energizer Night Race 2011   runners nightmare !!

The enclosed area for headlamp collection

There was no clear indication as to who was in charge but the way the crowd was going at it looks like no one was. The boxes were just left there open and it was a free for all frenzy. Just help yourself and take as many as you want. It’s no wonder there were so many runners who didn’t get their headlamps. Strike 3.

There was total chaos at the starting point as well. The 21km runners were called to the grid and before they were even flagged off the 11km runners were called in. Some of the 21km runners weren’t even aware that they had to run through the place mat to get their times recorded and they just went along their merry way. Strike 4. I initially registered for the 11km run but due to injuries decided to only do the 5.5km instead and boy was I glad that I changed my mind because once you crossed the finish line; you better have a heart of steel to withstand the drama that unfolds.

DSC 8882 1024x686 Energizer Night Race 2011   runners nightmare !!

42km runners at the start line

DSC 8940 1024x686 Energizer Night Race 2011   runners nightmare !!

21km runners at the start line

DSC 8966 1024x685 Energizer Night Race 2011   runners nightmare !!

11km runners at the start line

DSC 9037 1024x686 Energizer Night Race 2011   runners nightmare !!

The finish line in sight unfortunately that's where the real challenge began

As soon as you cross the finish line you’ll be left in a daze, not because you’re worn out from your run but because there’s no one there that knows what to do next. When asked, some of the marshals didn’t even know and just shaked their head. So one does what any normal person would do, follow the crowd. Upon walking back to the pits you’ll be greeted with one super long queue, so this must be the cert/medal collection and so you queue. Hmmmm but wait a minute we have the 5.5,11,21,42km categories, so which queue is for which no one really knew. Strike 4.

So you ask around and finally end up in the correct queue and you wait, and you wait, and wait. Then suddenly you hear sirens and the police emerges and you wonder what the hell happened. The crowd got riled up and a riot ensued. Why you might ask ? Take a look at this first.

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Energizer Night Race 2011 Malaysia: Kisah Benar,.. flying Goodies Begs! - Maverick Zack

The organisers couldn’t cope with the amount of people and also the disgruntled runners who queued up more than 1/2 hour only to find out that they were in the wrong queue and were asked to queue again in the correct one. Heck, I would have been freaking pissed as well if that happened. To make matters worst when they start “throwing” out goodie bags which we very well deserve in the first place, it just causes everyone to rush and try to grab one. Who in their right mind would want to queue for an hour just to collect the bag ? Strike 5 !!

DSC 9047 1024x686 Energizer Night Race 2011   runners nightmare !!

Police and RELA on site

So not knowing how to handle the crowd they rolled down the shutters and the Police and RELA guys were brought in !! Yes it got to that point where authorities had to be brought in. The crowd was just left outside dazed, confused and without any explanation !!

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ENR committee lowered down the pit gate when there are still loads of ppl standing below it. and there were no announcement made after closing the gate and made all participants waiting outside for nothing when there were no committee left inside the pit area - CyberPunk Kevin

Later on the some woman came out and made an announcement that the goodie bags will be posted to our homes. Eh hello ?!? Posted to our homes ? How do you know who ran and who didn’t ?! Who qualifies to get the medal and certs ? You gonna post it to all 10,000 people who registered ?! Are you for real ?!? Strike 6

So not knowing what else to do we headed back. To the comforts of our home ? No, it’s back to the Energizer Tunnel of Death !! Imagine sweaty, exhausted runners slowly crawling back through that narrow, badly ventilated tunnel. There were people even gasping for air as they try to scramble their way through, trying to get out of the tunnel as quick as they can. Where were the organisers ? Were they even still around ? I’m surprised there wasn’t a stampede or people pushing around. It was seriously that bad in the tunnel !!! My question still remains, why only open one of the link tunnel when there’s another one available ? Strike 7

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The infamous #EnergizerTunnelOfDeath - only 10,000 to get through this tunnel with no ventilation and a tiny door at the end. What a finish to the night. - Ling Hsern-Wei

So now you made it through the tunnel, you crawled back to the car and you are blessed with the AC turned on to the max. Head out of the parking and you’ll be greeted with a massive traffic jam. So what’s new right ? Nothing much except the 42km runners were still doing their run on the outer loop and we were crossing their path as we head out of Sepang. I survived Sepang F1 Energizer night run. It promised to be memorable and it was indeed but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Now instead of having 10,000 people going around telling their friends how awesome it was to be able to run on a F1 circuit, you have them going around sharing their nightmarish experience. Energizer and the organisers definitely have some explaining to do.

If you’ve run the race especially the 21 and 42km runners do share your experience as well. Would love to hear from fellow participants.

Here’s what others thought of the run (Names witheld)

Apart from the venue, everything sucked bigtime. Energizer, get your act together, Last year, i thought, was bad enough. This year, you outdid yourself. The list of complains .. where do I start?

i) I paid the entrance fee.. and I didn’t get the night light
ii) The MC was a cow. Why do you insist on blasting music and then talking over it? Have you no common sense?
iii) Your 11km map states that you will have 2 water stations. I only saw 1..
iv) The goodie bag collection is an epic failure. Your staff/organizers have no clue on how to run an event. Rude as hell as well.
v) The marshals on the track at the finishing lines don’t know jack, and are more interested in chatting amongst themselves than to direct the participants
vi) Parking was daylight robbery and the list goes on..
This will be my last ENR. Please don’t embarrass yourselves any further by staging another one… 

Terrible terrible job. Chaos everywhere. You guys did such a bad job, it’s not even funny. Didn’t think it could be any worse than last year but congratulations, but somehow you managed it. Worst event EVER! 

Hello Mr Energizer, did we sign up to pay for your own advertising campaign? the race is a joke, and the joke’s on all of us who paid, prepared and participated in this ‘race’

That was the worse race I ever participated in.Guys,1 water station on the track,no signs anywhere,no diversion of 5.5/11/21k runners,fighting n pushing for a bag in a single garage because you can’t even make a line with some lines.Then the bags not even packed? 10000 people paying Rm75 means RM750k in your pocket.A nice profit for doing nothing then complete mayhem.No water after finishing,not enough medical stuff along the track (luckily I saw nobody fainting),nobody had a single clue of your so called “stuff”.You couldn’t even organize the parking.Take the money but never organize a race again icon sad Energizer Night Race 2011   runners nightmare !!

Energizer Night Race 2011- The worst race ever.It was such a chaotic race.I nearly thought I was going to die in a stampede.The goodie bags were thrown and seen flying everywhere.I don’t really give it a damn for not getting my head light,power gel,finisher medal etc but still I paid 75 bucks for this race and I was expecting a well organized race.BUT YOU SCREWED UP EVERYTHING. 

Lap time 48:39
Queue time with no goodie bag received to boot 01:27:23
Epic fail la you! 

Those loooosers who took short cuts through all the corners, why bother signing up for the race. Just stay home next time !

* Camera pics,video and quotes from Energizer Facebook page

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Posted by yoga   @   17 April 2011 15 comments
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  • http://www.kevs.com FatFark


    next time sit at home eat pizza. i loled at you health faks

    • yoga

      @FatFark We run so we can sit home and eat even more pizzas

  • Loose Moose

    Oh, so they didn’t know who won the race either?

    Mens’42km Jr. Veteran Story :
    My uncle Tan and his Thai friend who won 1st and 2nd place in the run were frustrated that there were no medals to be given out. What a beautiful stage with nothing was going on except some few lonely energizer batteries dancing by their lonesome self.

    Yes, so we disputed with the so-called “race-director”. He said the scores are being tabulated then he said the code word, “We’ve-Got-Everything-Under-Control” . It mattered to me because I finished the 21km a long time ago but i’m stuck till 2am at this boring huge media conference room looking at all these serious runners argue.

    Some of you may know Barefoot Tan Wah Sing, who was very nice to give out bananas and apples while we wait for the “final-call” from the score tabulators. For all we know, the whole organiser team DISAPPEARED. Boom! We were standing in the hall with nobody else but our tired stinkin’ legs.

    No prizes, no ceremony, what a big let down to the running community. The Thai runner was most upset, not because of the prize money, but that he didn’t even get a bouquet of flowers to give my aunt Susan.

    Here’s a lesson in trying to bite off more than you can chew type of organisers.

    By the way, was it 1 or 2 laps for the 21km category anyway??

    • yoga

      @Loose Moose Whoaaa what a long wait especially after running the half and full marathon. Did they get back to you at all regarding the 42km winners ?

  • Loose Moose

    I would be happy to see Energizer attempt this epic failure again. Oh yeah and that goes for product placement too… nice going, peeps.

    PR Flop hooyah

    • yakulto

      it was 2 laps inside the circuit for 21km

  • Energizer suck

    Yeah.. Energizer Night Race suck the Energizer product suck as well.. guys do not buy any of their product especially the Energizer rechargeable batteries..

    • yoga

      @Energizer suck Hopefully someone would say something before their name gets tarnished even more

  • Reza Ali

    Nicely written Yoga. Great pics. I wrote a race report too. You can read it http://www.rezaalireactivated.com/2011/04/race-report-energizer-night-race-16.html

    P/s I never thought I’d call it the ‘Energizer Tunnel of Death’. I just called it the Tunnel of Death. Maybe I should edit my race report.

    • yoga

      @Reza Just read your piece as well and it was a refresher of that unfortunate night. Thankfully all of us walked away with nothing more than memories; be it good or bad.

  • nicholas

    lolx, i see myself and my friend in one of the pics >.<

    • yoga

      @nicholas You can proudly say you survived Energizer Night race !! :)

  • http://3bittersweetlemon.blogspot.com missyblurkit

    I enjoyed the run and the company of my pals. But that was all! I am amazed and furious that this whole event was organised with no concern for the participants. Its nothing to do with the headlight or goodie bag or the medal or whatever they promised.

    I am angry because there was no proper watering stations. Neither was there proper medic points. I met runners who cramped and sat by the side of teh track because there was no medical no marshals petrolling the track. This was only for the 5 and 11km. What about those who ran the 21 and 42 outside?

    • yoga

      @missyblurkit Couldn’t agree more. No one was really complaining about the run as it was a dream come true to actually run on Sepang track. It was the before and after part that irked practically everyone.

  • grass

    i read the best article of the entire event. What a mess up, sorry, i cant even bare to watch what energizer can do now. maybe they should ask themselves why in the world did they hire those guys! expose…excellent entrapment of a failed event company…

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